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Vehicle/Boat/RV Upholstery Cleaning

Vehicle/Boat/RV Upholstery Cleaning | Salt Lake City UT | 801-943-0533It is important to maintain your auto or boat upholstery because professional cleaning will help prevent unnecessary erosion and buildup of mold and mildew as well as help to extend the lifespan of your upholstery. They require not only washing and wipe downs but also one or two annual deep cleanings. Regular cleaning will help maintain your upholstery. But, having it professionally cleaned at least once per year will help your upholstery last longer, especially if you ask us to apply our Scotchgaurd® state of the art Carpet Protector to cloth upholstery to protect it from dirt and stains and vinyl protectant to vinyl upholstery to help keep it from cracking and peeling under the sun’s ultraviolet rays. ACT Carpet offers upholstery cleaning and detail services for cars, boats and RVs.

RV Upholstery & Carpet Cleaning

Recreational vehicle (RV) furniture needs to be professionally cleaned on a regular basis, just like the furniture in your home or office. The difference is that RV furniture needs to be cleaned more frequently because it’s subject to harsher environments and grimier dirt (e.g., grease and oil). Maintaining your RV upholstery between professional cleanings can also get tricky. For example, if you toss your RV removable seat cushions in the washer or dryer, it can ruin the fabric. The way to clean them is to hand-wash them using a gentle cleaning agent, such as Woolite, then hung out to air dry. For non-removable covers, a spray-on upholstery cleaner will generally work.

RV carpeting is made of similar materials as carpeting you find in your home or office, but like RV furniture, it needs to be professionally cleaned more frequently than that in your home or office. Scott’s Carpet Care uses low moisture hot water extraction. Carpet manufacturers, carpet fiber producers and major trade unions agree that hot water extraction is the only way to lift stubborn dirt and stains. It’s the only method that provides enough heat to kill the bacteria that builds up in the carpeting and to lift grease and oil stains. Low moisture hot water extraction provides all the benefits of hot water extraction but uses a lot less water. Carpeting dries faster, and there’s less waste to dispose of.

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